About Us

The Sunset Cycles Staff

 Roger Colwell, Owner

  Born and raised on the central Oregon coastal town of Florence, I developed my cycling skills just like most kids do--riding around the neighborhood with my buddies. Crashes were commonplace at the neighborhood "race track", but don't remember breaking anything but my bike. I have always been fascinated by the concept of two wheeled transportation. As a pre-teen I'll never forget tinkering with a bike my older brother brought home one day. The accompanying box of junk that came along with the bike was a gas powered engine...in dozens of pieces. Despite spending many months working on the engine, I never got it to run. But I did refurbish the bike!
  After many years of working as an accountant, I joined the ranks of bicycle shop owners in November, 2003, opening Sunset Cycles in the Bethany Village Shopping Centre just west of Portland and north of the Sunset Highway (Hwy. 26).
  My wife Diane and I have two grown daughters, each with families of their own. If you are around the shop enough you might hear an occasional “Grandpa can I have such and such?” Since I'm such a softy, the little ones usually get what they ask for. No wonder this business is so challenging! Although my back office duties consume a lot of my time, I also work on the sales floor, direct the store marketing, groom vendor relationships, and (rumor has it) will even lightly turn a wrench. The guys in our repair shop even occasionally let me fix a flat tire.




John P, Mechanic (aka Premium Rush)

  I was born in New Hampshire and raised here in the Portland area. I grew up snowboarding but was instilled with a love of the outdoors from a young age, thanks largely to the scenery of the Pacific Northwest. Those passions of sport and the outdoors quickly spilled over into cycling when I went to college. I recieved a degree in fine art out east, studying at the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston and when not doing my graphic design homework and enjoying the music scene, I was on a bike.
  My discovery of the "2 wheeled revolution" was less conventional than that of some of my peers, as I have participated in more alley-cat races than crits, and put down more miles in a pedi-cab than on a mountain bike. But I love bikes all the same, and have participated in advocacy rides, co-op groups and midnight mashes along the Boston Marathon running course.
  I like going fast(ish), but find time to slow down when presented with the opportunity to educate and                                               share! Ask me about commuting, Boston, and good beer.

Matt B, BodyGeometry FIT Technician

  I began working at Sunset Cycles in 2007 before leaving in 2008 to pursue a degree in physiology at the University of Iowa only to return 4 years later and rejoin the staff as the resident Fitting Technician. I have been involved in Cycling since my early teens by both Racing and Cyclo-touring. I have competed in races at all levels as a junior, collegiate, and senior level racer and helped others as a coach. I addition to my racing experience I have completed RAGBRAI multiple times and a 3000 mile solo ride through Europe over some of the legendary climbs and cobbles across the Atlantic. Outside of cycling I enjoy travelling (though by 2 wheels is prefered), and learning as many languages as I can.